Orcutt Community Plan

What is the Orcutt Community Plan?

The State requires that every County have a General Plan. The General Plan essentially defines how the County will respond and manage growth and development. The General Plan is a relatively enormous written document prepared by the County. There are various mandated Elements to the document which break the plan up into topics that must be considered in the Plan such as landuse, seismic safety, traffic circulations, housing, open space and other topics. The Orcutt Community Plan is additional document subsidiary to the Land Use Element of the Santa Barbara County General Plan. The general plan addresses a variety of topics but are generally related to how and where our community will grow, what types of development will occur and be encouraged, and what areas will be retained for agriculture. The plan also includes a detailed plan, maps, and know-how to develop an extensive systems of public trails, parks, and open space for the Orcutt Community. Let’s read it!

Orcutt Community Plan 2005 (just relevant pages)

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