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Evening Access Rules and Restrictions Update

Hours are extended until 8:30pm for hiking and biking only (dogs must be on leash). No equestrian use at night please.
Nighttime usage is permitted only on the Orcutt Hills Open Space Community Trails (Valley View and Coyote Loop).

  • Orcutt Community Park closes prior to the cutoff and the gates lock at sunset.  Do not park in the Orcutt Community Park lot for evening usage.

  • Pass quietly and listen for nocturnal sounds not normally heard during daytime hours.  Be respectful of the nighttime wildlife and neighboring homes adjacent to the open space.

  • Be familiar with the trail and please stay on trail. Bring a copy of this map on paper or on your phone.

  • Visit the Open Space in pairs or groups.  Do not hike or bike alone.

  • Carry a flashlight with extra batteries and a cell phone for emergencies.

  • No smoking or alcohol allowed.

  • No camping or fires of any kind.



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